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Taking on Imagination, One Creation at a Time

I create art that reflects my true self. It is the external manifestation of my internal imaginative prowess.

My faith in the serenity created by Resin Art is increasing day by day. As an Artist, I constantly evolve my art, innovate my designs and come up with novice ideas.

My Ongoing Art Project for Beginners

Duration: 2 Days
Budget: $50
Creations Made: 4

I’ve been taking a keen interest in forging gorgeous coasters using the magnificient technique of Resin Art.


Art Workshops

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Imbibing Positivity, One Element at a Time

Dedicating myself towards all things artistic has transformed me into a more positive and mindful person.

My intent is to create art that enchants the senses.  I live to create, build and forge art that influences people around the wonderful planet, we call our home.

Successful Creations in Place

Duration: 3 Days
Budget: $200
Creations Made: 8

As a thriving innovator, I am investing my time these days creating beautiful Resin Ocean Art that speaks to my soul.


Drippy Art
Drippy Art
Drippy Art
Drippy Art

Catch the Drift

As more and more aspiring artists catch the drift globally, I stand in awe and wonder. My contemporary creations & blogs are dedicated to all the maverick souls who’ve dared to attempt incredible newness.