Hi! I'm Prachi

Founder of Drippy Art

Creating Dreamy Art

As an artist, I try to create dreamy art that has the ability to enchant the onlookers. As a woman, I forge my path in the hope of my dreams coming to life with each stroke of a brush. I have embarked on a journey that is helping me scale as a woman and as an artist every single day. I am prepared to undergo its many ups and downs because my end goal is to learn, grow and thrive.

My DIY Odyssey

Endless hours, countless moments and numerous inspirations keep me going with art.




Cups of tea

Embracing the Magical Art Form

I play many parts as a woman – I am a mum, a daughter, a wife and a friend to many. I’ve played them well for years together. Now it is time for me to reclaim my identity as a creator.

I am ecstatic about all forms of resin art and dedicate my current blog to all budding DIY artists who would like to embrace this wonderful strain.

Accolade Sneak Peak

Now a Featured Blogger across platforms.

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Drippy Art

My eBooks

I am a published author in two languages.

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Blogging About Avant Garde Creations

Surrealistic Ideas
Embellished Creations
Limitless Inspiration
Boundless Faith

I am truly madly deeply in love with the magnificent art form of resin. It brings out the best of me.