Has alcohol ink caught your attention to try some different resin projects but you are not certain about experimenting with this new medium yet? Here’s a simple DIY on making a resin alcohol ink bowl to help you get started.

Alcohol inks have gained momentum in the resin art industry recently. I too have been under its influence and so tried making different projects mixing alcohol inks in epoxy resin. Casting a resin alcohol ink bowl is one of my favourites as it is a quick project, mess-free, and you can cast 5 to 6 pieces (or more) in one sitting provided you have the required number of silicon bowl molds.

It is intriguing how alcohol inks when dropped into resin gives a unique and impressive look to each piece. I suggest picking up some silicon bowl molds, epoxy resin and just a few alcohol inks from Amazon and diving right in. As you begin working with the two mediums together, you’ll eventually understand alcohol inks blending nature with epoxy resin.

making resin alcohol ink tutorial diy

What Is Alcohol Ink?

Alcohol Inks are acid-free and highly pigmented medium used to make paintings/backgrounds on non-porous surfaces like Yupo paper, glass, metal, ceramic. They are fast-drying pigments and are often used with a solvent to keep them wet while working.

Can I Mix Alcohol Ink With Resin?

Yes, you can mix alcohol ink with resin. These are highly compatible with all brands of epoxy resins. Alcohol inks are better for resin projects when a certain amount of transparency has to be maintained. Only a few drops of alcohol inks in resin are enough to give the desired effect. You can achieve fantastic outcomes by using alcohol inks in resin – from creating a 3D effect in your resin projects to creating mono/dual/Tri colour transparency effects.

Supplies You’ll Need For Making A Resin Alcohol Ink Bowl

Most of the supplies are available on Amazon. You might find some cheap silicon molds online. A word of caution here, cheap quality products don’t last long. So think of it as a one-time investment and buy your supplies wisely.

supplies required to make resin alcohol ink bowl

Digital Electronic Weighing Scale
Epoxy Resin – Brand I have used is Sherwin Williams 2:1
Alcohol Inks
Disposable Cups
Ice-cream Sticks/Plastic Spoons
Latex/Nitrile Gloves
Respirator Mask or any Mask

Tip: If you are a beginner, I would suggest going for any brand 3:1 epoxy resin. It has a longer pot life and work time varying between 35 to 60 minutes, depending on the epoxy resin brand. 

DIY Epoxy Resin Project – Making Resin Alcohol Ink Bowl

It’s time to begin creating our small resin bowl. But before you start working with resin make sure to secure the floor and your workspace with some old newspapers. Layer it up with a plastic sheet for any spillage.

Tip: Work in a ventilated room. Keep the kids away when pouring resin and also while the resin cures for the next 24 to 48 hours as it emits harmful fumes.

Wear Mask And Latex/Nitrile Gloves

Before you even open the resin bottle lids make sure to wear your mask and latex/nitrile gloves. However good the epoxy resin may be, it still emits fumes unseen to the eyes. If you have sensitive skin I would recommend you use nitrile gloves as latex gloves can also cause skin itching and rashes. This rarely happens, but I am allergic to latex as well as epoxy resin. So I have to take a lot of precautions when working with this medium.

Gather All Your Supplies

When working with epoxy resin it is always a good idea to gather all your supplies in your workspace. Resin is one medium that comes with time limitations. So there can be no mistakes when it comes to collecting supplies. Make sure you have everything you need for your resin project in one place.

making a resin alcohol ink bowl gather supplies to your work area

Pouring Resin And Hardener 

Weigh resin and hardener in the ratio mentioned on the instruction label of your epoxy resin brand. I am using Sherwin Williams 2:1 so I measured 60 gm resin and 30 gm hardener. If you are wondering how much resin is needed to make a resin bowl about the size that I am using for this project, it would be between 75 gm to 90 gm.

pour resin and hardener in the ratio mentioned n the label

Tip: Keep a small silicon mold handy for any extra resin left in the disposable cup. This way you can avoid wastage and can use the remaining resin to make something extra.

Mixing Resin And Hardener

This step should be done slowly and not rushed into. Make sure you mix the resin using an ice cream stick or a plastic spoon only as resin doesn’t stick to plastic. Be gentle while mixing resin and hardener. Scrape the sides and the bottom of the disposable cup to mix it thoroughly. Once mixed properly, keep the mixture aside for 3 to 5 minutes for the bubbles to settle.

mix resin and hardener for making a resin alcohol bowl

Pouring Clear Resin In The Silicon Mold

Sometimes the bubble will settle within the cup. But there may be times when all the bubbles do not settle in the cup. It depends on the epoxy resin brand you are using for making resin alcohol ink bowl. This is the first pouring step. Pour clear resin into the silicon bowl mold. Make sure you fill three fourth of the mold and not to the brim at this stage.

pour clear resin in silicon bowl mold

Tip: If you are using 2:1 epoxy resin you should begin pouring over 12 to 15 minutes before the resin starts to heat up.

Once you have poured clear resin, press each spike one by one. Doing this will make bubbles rise up if there is any inside the mold. Then, using a heat gun or butane torch you can pop up the bubbles easily.

Dropping Alcohol Ink

Drop alcohol inks, 2 to 3 drops is enough, in the clear resin. You can use mono colour, dual colours or tricolours to beautify your resin alcohol ink bowl as per your desire. I used two colours here – tangerine and sunshine yellow. But the sunshine yellow was so light that it got merged into tangerine. You can experiment using different coloured alcohol inks and choose your preferences.

drop alcohol inks in silicon mold

Pushing Resin In The Mold

Now, before pouring more clear resin, push resin further in the mold with the help of a plastic spoon or an ice cream stick. This step is to make sure that each spike gets as much resin as is required to fill it completely. If you miss this step it might result in disfigured spikes because of the non-reachability of resin in the spike areas of the mold.

push resin in the mold

Pour clear resin again, this time to the brim. And drop some alcohol inks if you want to. This is optional. Once done, cover your work with a mosquito/vegetable net or a cardboard box to save it from dust. Let it cure for 24 hours.

Demoulding – The Final Step

This is a fun step, especially when the final outcome is always a surprise. So, here’s my final epoxy resin alcohol ink bowl. It has nearly 50% transparency and I beautified its spikes with gold foil. Sometimes the pictures don’t do justice to our artwork. But this is the best I could capture.

making a resin alcohol ink bowl finally cured piece

Have fun experimenting your way through a resin alcohol ink bowl. I would love to see your beautiful resin alcohol ink bowl pictures in the comments. If you are new to resin and want to explore more on this medium, do check out my blog epoxy resin do’s and don’ts.