Making Resin Tray at home is an easy process. A resin tray makes for a great gifting idea too.

If you are reading this blog now, it means you have been keenly looking for a simple step-by-step lesson to guide you to make a DIY resin tray at home.

In this mess-free tutorial, I will show you how to design your resin tray effortlessly.

making resin tray at home is fun

It is Fun Making Resin Tray at Home

When I started making resin trays I experimented with different bases like, MDF, Teak Wood, Pine Wood, and casting resin tray on silicon molds.

The fun part about making your resin tray at home is that you can use various elements to enhance the beauty of it.

Alcohol Inks Resin Tray
Dual Color, Three Colour or more Pigments Resin Tray
Coin Resin Tray
Resin Fabric Tray
Ocean Beach Resin Tray
Yarn Resin Tray
Confetti Resin Tray
Dried Leaves and Flowers Resin Tray
Geode Resin Tray
Glitter and Chunks

Once you have decided the base for your resin tray and what element(s) you wish to add you are halfway through your project.

As I always say, planning the design and the color scheme is the first and the most important step for any epoxy resin project. The execution and outcome of your resin artwork will depend on your planning time. So make sure to spend some good time on thinking how you want your resin tray to look like.

Now that you have come this far, I’m sure you have picked up your resin tray idea.   

Surfaces You Can Work on for Making Resin Tray at Home

There are different surfaces you can choose from for making a resin tray at home like MDF tray, wood tray, a metal tray or you can cast a tray in a silicon tray mold.

For his tutorial, I have picked up a teak wood tray that I got handcrafted from Sacrus Handsculpts in Chennai. You can use any tray – metal, wood, MDF. These are readily available on Amazon.

making resin tray at home on teak wood tray

How to Use Epoxy Resin For Making Resin Tray at Home?

Epoxy resin is a chemical that comes in two components, part A is Resin and part B is Hardener. Mix part A and part B either by volume or by weight as mentioned on the label instructions.

All epoxy resin brands mix in different ratios. To know the ratio of mixing (1:1, 2:1 or 3:1) resin and hardener read the instructions on your epoxy resin bottle label carefully.

mixing epoxy resin

If the mixing ratio is altered it might result in an uncured resin piece.

I personally use this Indian Epoxy Resin brand ResinandRitesh. The epoxy comes in 2 types. One which is of thick consistency and is mixed in the ratio of 2 (parts resin):1 (part hardener). It has short pot-life and gives a working time of nearly 20 minutes. I love working with this epoxy resin as it lets me control the flow of resin and cures in 12 to 18 hours.

resin i use

Another type is of thin consistency that is mixed in the ratio of 3 (parts resin):1 (part hardener). It has a longer pot-life and gives a working time of 35 to 40 minutes.

For a beginner’s level, I would suggest using any brand with the mixing ratio of 3:1 to give you more working time.

How Can You Calculate the Amount of Resin Needed for Making Resin Tray at Home?

If you do not know how much resin you’ll need for your resin project, there are a few resin calculators available online. You can easily calculate the amount of resin needed by putting the dimensions of the base you are using.

It’s been a few months that I have been working with resin now so I pour the resin in proximity. If there is any resin left I use it to cast another mold simultaneously.         

What Should You Know About Epoxy Resin Before You Start to Work on Making Resin Tray at Home?

Epoxy resin is a chemical. It emits harmful fumes and some cheap quality resins have a pungent smell too. So you have to be careful when working with epoxy resin. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you begin your epoxy resin project:

Have a separate room or area designated for resin work where kids should not be allowed. 
Work in a ventilated room. 
Do not work outside as dust particles can stick to the resin and are not easy to remove. 
Epoxy resin is a chemical and emits harmful fumes and cheap quality resin has a pungent smell.
Always wear a mask and latex gloves before you begin working on your epoxy resin project.
Epoxy resin art is expensive art. Never buy cheap quality resin as it can be health hazardous.
Epoxy resin does not give you time to alter your design while working. So spend more time planning the project than you would on execution.
Epoxy resin has a pot life of 30 to 40 minutes. This means you only have nearly 35 minutes to use the ready resin mixture.
Lastly, epoxy resin can get messy. So always cover your work area with three layers of newspaper and a plastic sheet on top of it. Or any old bedsheet that’s readily available at home.

Now that we know that working with epoxy resin at home is safe and easy. Let’s get you started. 

Art Supplies: Things You’ll Need for Making Resin Tray at Home

All the art supplies listed here are easily available on Amazon. It is easy to order and supplies are reasonably priced.

Epoxy Resin
MDF Tray / Silicon Tray Mold
Glitter and Chunks
Mask and Latex Gloves
Disposable Plastic Cups
Ice-Cream Sticks to Stir
Electronic Digital Weighing Scale
Hair Dryer


art supplies for making resin tray at home

Get All Your Supplies to Your Work Area

Bring all the supplies that you need in your work area. Once you start working with resin it would be difficult for you to lave it in between to grab things.

gather all supplies to your work area

Wear Your Mask and Gloves

Always wear a mask and latex gloves before you start your epoxy resin project. Epoxy resin has a pungent smell and emits fumes that can be health hazardous. 

Also, resin drops on the skin can cause itching and rashes. So, it is advisable to keep your hands covered in gloves.

wear mask and gloves

Mixing Epoxy Resin and Hardener

Read the label instructions on your epoxy resin bottle. And mix the resin (part A) and hardener (part B) in the ratio mentioned. 

I am using resin by ResinandRitesh. So, I will mix resin and hardener in the ratio of 2:1 and let it sit for 3 minutes. It allows the bubbles to set in. Stir the mixture using an ice-cream stick. Scrape the sides thoroughly.

check label instructions for mixing epoxy

Mix Pigments and Resin Mixture

Pour resin into 2 disposable cups. Add the desired pigments to each cup of the resin mixture. I am using Splendid Red mixed with Red Chunks and Elegant Gold mixed with Gold Glitter.

adding pigments to the resin mixture

Pour the First Colour

As per the design I chose, I poured splendid red and red chunks mixture first in three different places on the tray. The resin self-levels. I didn’t have to use but if you see bubbles, use a hairdryer on low-settings to settle the bubbles.

pour the first color 

Pour the Second Colour

Next, I covered the leftover space with elegant gold and gold glitter resin mixture. The resin mixture self-levels. Then I used a hairdryer on low-settings to settle the bubbles.

pour the second color

Did you notice the two different color mixtures didn’t merge? It happened so because I poured resin mixtures when it was of honey-like consistency.

Cover the Tray and Set Aside to Cure for 24 Hours

It is a good idea to cover your tray with a cardboard box or mosquito net while it cures. This does not let dust particles or dirt to settle on the resin surface. Leave it to cure for 24 hours.

cover the tray

Use Metallic Golden Sharpie Pen to Draw Thin Lines

Once the tray cured I used a metallic golden sharpie pen to draw a few thin lines on the resin.

use sharpie pens to create lines

Pour a Layer of Clear Resin

Finally, pour a layer of clear resin. And cover the tray once again. Now, let it sit for a few hours to cure.

Finished Resin Tray

Look at the finished resin tray. It sure looks magnificent.

finished resin tray made at home

The epoxy resin tray looks elegant on any surface and makes a great gifting idea. You can also make a combo of resin tray with similar resin coasters. 

Hope this tutorial was helpful to give you a kick-start for making resin tray at home.

Sharing a few more resin tray ideas to make a DIY resin tray at home.

more resin tray ideas

I would love to see your beautiful resin trays. Do share the pictures of your lovely creations in the comments below.