Resin art ideas for teens are wonderful in every way. They run into hundreds and are an excellent way to keep your mind productive. 

DIY art is one of the best ways to keep teenagers productive. And Resin Art is such an amazing skill to imbibe. The innovations that one can create are endless.

In my current blog, I’ll share all the resin art ideas for teens that will help enhance their creativity. Try them out and let me know about your experience.

Resin art ideas for teens

24 Beautiful Resin Art Ideas for Teens

Even though, the resin art ideas for teens run into hundreds, I will be sharing the ones that I find magnificent. Feel free to add to my list by posting in the comments section at the end of this blog.

By the way, if this is your first time ever with Resin art, have a look at some of the books that will help you get started.

1. Resin Glitter Earrings

Resin can be used to create simple yet gorgeous earrings. The best part about making the earrings is that they are very easy to make. All you need is your favourite colour of glitter and the usual resin art supplies.

I generally prefer using epoxy resin for making jewellery. It is cured properly, it has a very crystal-clear look, which makes the glitter look beautiful in the earrings.

2. Multicoloured Resin Ring

Another very easy piece of jewellery that can be made using epoxy resin is a ring. You can just start with a ring you already have and make a fresh new ring.

If you intend to make a new one, you will need a mold for it. You would need a few colours for the ring. I would suggest using either acrylic colours or alcohol ink to colour the ring.

3. Resin Coated Fabric Bookmark

If you are a book lover, you know how important bookmarks are. Why buy bookmarks, when you can make your very own using resin art. One of the easiest ways of making bookmarks with resin is making them with a fabric.

Coating fabric with resin makes them stiff and not, to forget, amazing to be used as bookmarks. Just take your favourite piece of fabric, and cat it with a thin layer of epoxy resin. Leave the rest to curing. What you’ll have at the end of the process is a wonderful new shiny bookmark.

4. Resin Seashell Coasters

One of the my favourite resin art ideas for teens are resin seashell coasters. You do not need much supplies to create these coasters. All you need are some seashells. The clean resin over the seashells lets the design shine through.

However, before making the coasters, make sure you clean the seashells off sand properly. Also, they can easily be made even by beginners.  

5. Alphabet Resin Keychain

A really fun and easy epoxy resin project is creating alphabet resin keychain. You will need a mold for the alphabet you are trying to create. These are easily available online or in craft stores.

When making some keychains, I like to add some elements like stars, glitter or even dried flowers to the resin to make it even more appealing.

6. Resin Candle Holders

You can create different types of candle holders using resin. You can add the elements of your choice to the resin to give it a unique look. I have created candle holders using sea shells, beads, alcohol ink, etc.

One thing you need to be careful about before using the holders is to make sure that the holder has cured well. The harder the resin cures, the more likely it is to accept a candle.

resin art ideas for teens

7. Embedded Mobile Cover

If you have a clear mobile cover, and you are thinking of replacing it with something more unique, this project will definitely interest you.

You can use resin to embed your favourite elements onto your clear mobile covers and give it a new look altogether. You can embed dried flowers, animated figures, action figures, etc. to your phone to a new look.

8. Resin Fridge Magnet

If you need an innovative gift idea, this is it. Resin Fridge magnets can be a really personalized gifts for your family and friends. I generally like to add personal messages, pictures and sprinkles into these magnets.

The process of making these magnets is very simple. Other than the ornaments, you will also need magnets to attach to the resin. These can be easily bought online or in craft stores.

9. Resin Hair Clips

You can use your regular hairclips and transform them into something amazing using resin. You can use any type of hair pins – bobby pins, claw clips, banana clips, snap clips, for this project.

The simplest way to add some glitter resin on the pins and letting them cure. If you want to try something else, you can create small resin buttons and add them on the pins. To attach the resin art to the pins, you will need some hot glue.

10. Resin Photo Frame

Have an old photo frame that could use a little retouch? Add some resin on it. You will be surprised how new and unique they turn out to be. Resin photo frames look very beautiful and are very easy to make as well.

There are almost endless number of ways of making resin photo frames. You can add different types of ornaments, colours and elements to make them stand out. They can also be used as gifts for your family and friends.

11. Resin Dried Flower Centrepiece

This might sound complicated, but trust me, it is not. You can choose the shape of your choice and create a unique centrepiece for your art project or for home. I generally create either spherical or square centrepieces.

One thing you definitely need to take care while making a resin dried flower centrepiece is choosing the right flowers. While choosing the dried flowers for this project, make sure they are cleaned properly.

12. Resin Paper Weight

The process of making a paper weight is quite similar to that of making a centrepiece. The only difference between the two is in terms of size. Resin paper weights tend to be smaller than the centrepieces.

Resin paper weights can be either made in the shape of a cube or any other shape of your choice. You can cast elements of your choice into the resin. If nothing else is available, adding some colours and that can do the trick. Whatever you choose, the end result is always going to be amazing.

Resin Art Ideas for Teens

13. Resin Ink Pendant

An easy piece of jewellery that can be made using resin is a resin ink pendant. This is one of the easiest resin art ideas for teens.

Other than the basic resin art supplies, all you need for the pendant is some alcohol ink. Alcohol ink can produce really interesting effects in resin. Take any two to three colours of your choice and put them in your resin. That’s all. The colours spread out and mix to form beautiful patterns. These look splendid in the pendants.

14. Resin Badges

One of the most fun resin ideas for teens is making some cool resin badges. The process of making these badges is fairly easy. These badges can be added to bags, you can wear them on T shirts

Although there are multiple ways in which badges can be made, the simplest one is using your favourite image and covering it with resin. You can coat your favourited animated characters, superhero images with resin and add a pin at the back. Just like that your merchandise is ready.

15. Resin Pen Stand

In order to make a resin pen stand, you can either use a mold, or use an existing pen stand and transform it into a new one.

Just like other typed of resin arts, there are tons of elements that can be added to the mold. I have used things such a coloured pencil shavings, to alphabets, coloured stones, etc. to create pen stands using resin.

16. Resin Marble Soap Dish

This is another one of my favourite, resin art ideas for teens. You will need a few marbles and a rectangular mold for this project.

After pouring the resin into the mold, all you need to do is o arrange some, marbles into the resin and let it dry. That’s it. Demold it and you have a beautiful crystal-like resin marble soap dish ready. Apart from marble, you can also use coloured pebbles for the project.

17. Resin Pour Wall Hanging

Resin pour art might sound very difficult, but it is one of the easiest and fun ways of creating resin art. You can use a stretched canvas or a wooden surface to create a resin pour wall hanging.

I would suggest using a minimum of two different colours to create the resin at work. However, if you wish to use more you can go ahead and do it. The most important thing you need to take care is that there are no bubbles trapped in the surface. You can use a bow torch to remove them.

18. Resin Serving Tray

You will need a wooden tray for this project. You can either use an old tray of get a new one. There are many ways of making the resin serving tray. My favourite is using the resin pour technique on the bottom of the tray. This is the easiest way of doing it.

I also like to add small colourful pebbles, sea shells and other smaller ornaments into the resin while creating a serving tray.

resin art ideas for teens

19. Colourful Resin Buttons

This is yet another easy resin art idea for teens. You will need molds for making resin buttons. Silicone molds for buttons are easily available in various shapes and sizes.

If you don’t have the button molds, you can use normal molds of the shape you desire. In this case, you will have to suspend a small hoop into the resin. This will help you sew the button to your fabric.

20. Resin Journal Covers

If you are in a haboit of writing a journal, this is a resin art idea that you will definitely love. You can also use the resin covered journals as a gift to your friends and family. They will definitely love it.

In order to make a journal cover wit resin, you will need some epoxy resin, some colours of your choice and elements of your choice. While pouring the resin on the journal cover, you need to make sure that it spreads out evenly and does not stick to the other pages.

21. Resin Gift Tags

If you are bored of using the same old store-bought gift tags, try making your own gift tags using resin. For making the resin gift cards, you need some cardstock, some ornaments or glitter, some colours and your regular resin supply.

The first step is creating a beautiful gift card with your message using the card stock. Next step is pouring a thin layer of resin over it. Let it cure and see the end result for yourself.

22. Resin Guitar Pick

Of all the ideas I have on the list, a guitar pick is the easiest resin art ideas for teens. All you need for making this is a mold for the guitar pick.

You can create your own mold or use something similar looking plastic container that can be cut off easily, once the guitar pick has cured.

Once the mold is ready, just add some colours, small elements, glitter, etc. to the resin to make it your own unique version of a guitar pick. Make sure, you let it cure properly, before you can use it.

23. Resin Bowl

The process of making a resin bowl is slightly more tedious than the rest of the resin art ideas for teens that I have mentioned in the blog.

You would need at least two different molds for this project. One needs to be slightly bigger than the other. You can use multiple colours to get some wonderfully coloured bowls

24. Resin Bracelet

Just like other pieces of resin, there are multiple ways of creating a bracelet using resin.. If you wish to make a bangle style bracelet, you will need a bracelet mold for it.

You can add different elements, colours and variations to make your bracelet stand out. I generally recommend using epoxy resin for making resin jewellery, especially for beginners.

These were my 24 innovative resin art ideas for teenagers. Try them out and share the positive vibe around.