Are you a resin artist? Or you have recently picked up resin art as a new hobby? If you are a resin art freak and you keep getting stuck to expressing your art in words, here is a list of 90+ resin art quotes and captions for your Instagram posts.

Resin art is trending and so is showcasing your artwork on Instagram. And so, the need for equally inspiring captions is highly demanded. Hope you find the below-listed resin art quotes and captions useful and inspiring to match your mesmerising resin creations.

Best Resin Art Quotes and Captions

Resin Art Quotes And Captions For Ocean Beach Theme

  1. Can you hear the waves calling?
  2. Bliss in Blue
  3. Blues and White – the two shades of Serenity.
  4. Now, I walk to the beach whenever I want to.
  5. Ocean in a nut-shell
  6. Setting the right mood
  7. Washing off my blues
  8. I can’t make sandcastles but I can clearly hear the ocean waves crash. Can you?
  9. Let’s hit the beach today
  10. Perfect day to pour an ocean
  11. Collecting sand to make my own shore.
  12. When waves come crashing down…
  13. There is no place as calm as an ocean.
  14. What do you feel when you look at these majestic waves?
  15. Cool says the Blue, Crash says the White…
  16. Creating tides of creativity.
  17. Come listen, as I tell you tales of the sea, of white sand beaches and water serene. 
  18. Sweet is the sound of ocean waves.
  19. Ocean of happiness
  20. Going through a rough day? … Sometimes all you need is to look at the ocean and calm your mind.
  21. Art helps when you can’t find the perfect words to capture your emotions.
  22. I long for endless lazy days on the beach… and then I look at you… and hear the waves calling.
  23. I can’t stop dreaming about the ocean, and so, I keep creating my own blue waters…
  24. Beach sunsets are the most satisfying.
  25. When I miss the ocean beach, I paint in shades of blue…
  26. Some blues lift up your mood…
  27. The shades of ocean blue and white sand beach… It calms me down and washes away my sorrow.
  28. I borrowed my dreams from the ocean beds.
  29. Just when I thought I had too much of the ocean, this new idea got stuck inside my head…
  30. You know you are an Ocean-o-holic, when you can’t stop pouring ocean waters.

Suggested ocean beach resin art tutorial.

Resin Art Quotes And Captions For Colourful Resin Creations

  1. When colours talk… Just listen
  2. It’s just lines and curves
  3. A curvy, colourful pattern pour
  4. Creating resin art be like losing the sense of time…
  5. For some black is the colour of mourning. For others, it’s a call for celebration. But there’s always a silver lining.
  6. Some mourn in black. Some drink in black. I pour in black.
  7. Some people kill with guns. Some people kill with words. I kill with my art.
  8. When flowers fall… I collect, dry, lay them and pour. 
  9. As an artist, it’s my job to fill a space just right to make it look creative.
  10. Dancing colours
  11. A good piece of art has the power to keep you enthralled.
  12.  Back in Vogue
  13. Addicted to resin
  14. A new hobby – getting hooked
  15. My daily dose of inspiration
  16. Beautifying . Bragging . Boasting 
  17. Pouring . Shooting . Posting
  18. My happy place
  19. Pouring colours and spreading happiness
  20. Warning: Resin art is contagious. Stay away if you are allergic to creativity.

Resin Art Quotes And Captions For Instagram

  1. Prepare . Pour . Process
  2. Awww… All I have ever wanted my artwork to look like…
  3. Growing creatively
  4. It is so satisfying to see the resin flow.
  5. You can never go wrong with the basics. Black, White and Gold are the classics.
  6. Confessions of a Resin-o-holic.
  7. All set for a fresh resin pour.
  8. Let us all take a moment to admire the splendid resin pour.
  9. You are going to create memories with each artwork you make. 
  10. Chunks and Glitters… When you feel like adding just a little sparkle to your creations. 
  11. Pouring in the pink of moods… romantic and playful
  12. The colour gold adds richness and warmth to everything it touches. Gold has its own magic…
  13. Every colour tells a story… Listen closely.
  14. Ever thought you could freeze a moment in time…
  15. I see the mountain, the flower and the emotions it carries…
  16. Every time I see a flower, I see a piece of new resin jewellery.
  17. Light up your world
  18. Resin art is all about timing, consistency and controlling the flow. One simple mistake will make your art piece a waste.
  19. If you think too much you will confuse yourself. If you do not think at all, you’ll end up in a disaster. Art is about self-expression, imagination and creation.
  20. I pour, not because it’s trending… but because it’s addictive.

Resin Art Quotes And Captions

  1. Days I can’t cope with the duality of life… I pour resin.
  2. Hanging in my studio till the adrenaline for resin wears off… 
  3. Some mornings start with a hot cup of tea followed by an artful day in the studio…
  4. Loving the studio vibes
  5. Wanna know what’s pouring next? Stay tuned and I’ll be back with another resin pour next week. Till then, keep guessing! 
  6.  Quit hanging out with people who tell you to get a real job. I am an artist. This is a Real Job…Helllllooooo!
  7. Every morning I wake up with a new idea.
  8. Let’s spread some artistic vibes.
  9. Demolding happiness…
  10. Isn’t resin pour super fun to watch?
  11. Just thought of pouring a dash of colours… 
  12. Pouring in Style…
  13. Can’t wait to see the final piece.
  14. Which colour pour do you prefer? 
  15. Knock, Knock! Looking out for some inspiration… Check this out!
  16. I love to see how colours flow into each other and create a new pattern. It is like writing a story with every resin piece I make.
  17. There are trials and there are failures. You only learn to master a technique when you learn to make mistakes.
  18. Can you see the colours smile?
  19. Don’t mind the mess… I’m creating masterpieces here.
  20. Creating a Rainbow Vibe.
  21. I love to pour on two days: when it rains, and when it doesn’t rain…
  22. There is no other addiction as resin art…
  23. When my studio is messy, I can find everything exactly where I left it… And when it is clean, it drives me crazy.
  24. Born to be a resin artist…
  25. Working on a new resin piece always cheers me up. What makes you happy?

I hope you find the right caption to post on Instagram that matches your beautiful resin art creations. Happy Creating!